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Aerodata, Inc. was founded in 1976 as an aircraft sales organization. We gradually developed what is now known as the "Aviation Locator" as a tool to locate a specific aircraft or group of aircraft. In 1990, the Federal Aviation Administration awarded Aerodata, Inc. a contract to distribute its public domain data. One of Aerodata's principals has been associated with general aviation since the late 1940s. That is why we say, "Aerodata knew airplanes before we knew computers".

Customized and targeted lists of pilots or aircraft owners can help you reach potentially high income and net worth individuals or an exotic airplane you're looking for.

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Here at Aerodata, Inc., we provide quality information on most all aspects of the Aviation Industry. We get list information directly from the FAA. Once we receive the data we process it further to provide the best looking and most valuable information that can be provided. In our own processing, we modify the name that the FAA provides us by changing the form from Government inverse (SMITH, JOHN Q), to an easy to read (John Q. Smith) format. We also modify several other data elements similarly (Address, City, and State). One additional process that is done to many of the lists is that we add the extra four digits to the zip code where available, and can also add additional information to a list upon request.


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